This website was created by the Ramona CA Wranglers Dog Project leader in 1999.  It was developed so that ALL San Diego County Dog project members & leaders had access to project information.  Plus, it was a cost effective way to distribute this information.  In a short time, the website took on a life of its own, becoming one of the first & most accessed 4H Dog Project websites world wide.
The project leader & website developer has since moved to Arizona & her children aged out of 4H.  But the factual information that this site provides will remain online for ALL 4H children & leaders to use.  Some items are outdated, but kept here as a historic reference, or to be used as a basis for current project use. ALL items on this site are FREE to use & distribute. Enjoy!
SPECIAL NOTE:  If you're looking for a 4h Dog Project to join in your area, or for local project information, please contact your local County Extension Office. 
Project Resources: Guidelines, Forms & Handouts   
OLD San Diego County Dog Project Advisory  
Project Education & Handouts  
Project Record & Individual Show Record  
4H Resources:  Record Books, How to... & Links   
Supplementary Information  
    Dog Links  
Links we've found that are fun & educational.
Includes Clipart, organizations, recipes & other fun links. 

The 4H Pledge  
I pledge my Head to clearer thinking, my Heart to
greater loyalty, my Hands to larger service,
my Health to better living for my club,
my community, my country and my world.



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